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Topic: INDIA Shining. Should we Go Back ??

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Topic : INDIA Shining. Should we Go Back ??

Will C.
Member of SFIndian.com
City: Chicago
Hello folks, as you all read about how the Indian economy is growing and that all the companies want to do business there, where do you see India heading in the next 10-15 years ?.Do you think this is a good time to go back to India and be a part of the Growth ?

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Sathya T.
Member of VirginiaIndian.net
City: Washington
I would definitely go back to India, after finishing my studies.

kewl n.
Member of PortlandIndian.com
City: corvallis
This is subjective. As you progress in life , according to me what matters is owning a house, kids education and a reasonably comfortable retirement life. As far as kids education go, I am of the opinion that public schools are no good. Private schools is damm expensive. So the cost comes in. Now, paying a mortage and sending kids to private schools takes a toll on ones life, even if its a 2 member income. If the wife is working, then raising up kids is another issue one needs to deal with. I dont believe in parents or in-laws taking care of kids. Its your child not theirs. Retirement is good if they dont muck up social security.Infrastructure is last on my mind when I think of kids education and owning house is concerned. Whats the point of infrastructure when you cant own a house or have decent education for your own kids ?As far as the economy is concerned, if you are good, you will always get a job and do well, no matter where .

kumar c.
Member of LAIndian.com
City: culver city
I think there is no definitive answer to it and no need to rationalize the answers. It depends on the individual and circumstances. As for one, i came to this country to do my masters and then settled here with a job. After having lived here for long. if i look back , i dont have regrets but i could say that my thought process has changed a lot. ofcourse what i think very much differs from some one who came to US on a family based Visa and well settled in india before even making it to US. Definitely is India is growing and world is showing interest in India. I would say if someone really needs to go back to India to take care of their parents or wants their kids to grow up in India than in US or wants to move because of a better career ( yes, some people in Hi tech are finding better opportunities in India than here in US) i think this is a very good time. But i dont see any of this urgency with me as of today. In regards to helping india, i am doing that by being an NRI anyway.. what i want to say is , everything depends on individual person and conditions. there is no Blank and white answer to this question. each has to take their own decision

Kalindi D.
Member of SeattleIndian.com
City: Blaine
I came across the same question when my cousin considered moving back to India so she could raise her kid like my cousin was brought up. While we cherish our culture and the community in India, we must consider not one (financial) aspect but several. It may appear on your visit (vacation) back to India that its all wonderful and that India is doing great economically. However, Indians currently deal with 2 digit inflation. In addition, pollution problems, population problems (I am from Mumbai, India). Infrastructure in India is, without a doubt, improving but its still difficult to move around and commute.One must also take into account social that one gets to enjoy in the States as compared to India. While Indians are finally standing up against corruption it will be years before they reach the roots of the problem to get rid of it. All this being said, if one believes in a purpose so strong that he/she is ready to oversee or deal with these issues, that person must do as they feel - India needs us. We CAN be the change we want to see in our society. -Kalindi

Ray K.
Member of SeattleIndian.com
City: Bothell
No, you should not go back. India will sustain itself. You have come to this country, for what purpose?Was it to be greedy and to help yourself, or was it to be a part of this nation, to call it your home, to raise your family and make it a better place for all? Look at one aspect of what your nation has contributed to this world: music. How many sitar makers are here in the USA? Virtually none. Indian Classical Music is dying in your country, the guru/sishya relationship is near dead, almost forgotten. What you hear today in your ears, besides Bollywood, is almost gone. Bring it here, and it can continue to thrive and grow, celebrating your centurys old culture. Please stay here.

Hallie C.
Member of TampaBayIndian.com
City: Tampa
I would say that India made itself dependent to the global economy and this is very tough to think that India can itself live by it own. Now, the only thing which is holding India back is the dependency on other countries, The craze of stepping ahead with the world (means first world) made us weak on the thought-grounds.

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